Residential Septic SystemSeptic tanks are one of those necessities that every homeowner has to struggle with at one time or another. They are not glamorous but very essential to the home. A septic tank is an expensive investment, it should come as no surprise that regular maintenance is required to keep it running efficiently. It is best to have a professional septic service maintain your system as it will give you more years of service and run smoother all year long.

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Reasons for Regular Pumping

If you have an out of sight – out of mind attitude with your septic system you may be tempting fate. There are three reasons you want to take note of that system and start getting it pumped at regular intervals.

Clean Systems Mean Healthier Families

It is simply a matter of better health. Having a clean septic system is an important aspect of healthy living for the entire family. If septic systems are not pumped regularly they have the ability to overflow and contaminate well water with waste materials. This is a harmful situation not only for your family but your neighbors and animal life.

Maintenance Saves You Money

Regular pumping will save money in the long run. Like most people you are more than likely wondering how paying for services every couple of years has the ability to save you money. Let’s take a closer look at how you can save. When a septic tank is not regularly maintained it has the possibility of collapsing within a few years. When that happens you have no other alternative than having to have a whole new system installed. That is a lot of money to have to put out every few years. Take the alternative of having the system pumped and maintained at regular intervals. You will be paying a few hundred dollars a year and that is a high estimate, it is generally much lower. By doing this, your tank has the potential to last for twenty years or more! Take a look at the math and you can easily see that maintenance is always going to be the cheaper alternative to new systems.

Fewer Back-ups and Messes

The potential for back-ups is minimized. Most of the back-ups homeowners face are due to a blocked pipe or an overflow. This is not a situation you want to wake up to as it can be rather sickening. Even more so if it happens in your kitchen sink!

Stages of Inspection

Having your septic system inspected is going to be the first step in planning for regular maintenance. After a professional has inspected your unit they will offer their recommendation on what actions need to be performed.

The professional will begin by locating the septic tank and uncovering the access panel. Back-ups will be searched for by checking all the flush tanks within the house. While not a pretty site, the scum and sludge layers will be measured. The mechanical parts that make up the actual system will be checked. Finally, the system may have to be pumped. It may not be the way you want to spend an afternoon, but it has the potential to save you a lot of money.